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Make Back to School a Time for Building Business

Back to school time is a perfect opportunity to get in front of your existing 529 clients to see who is, or is not, saving for college.

College savings programs like 529 plans offer great business-building opportunities because their tax advantages and funding flexibility are designed around the number one investment need of American families.

Tomorrow’s Scholar supports you with tools and resources you need to start conversations, engage in productive dialogues, and ultimately, capture assets. 

Guide to 529 Plans

Guide to 529 Plans – This Guide highlights the advantages of 529 plans over other ways of investing for college.

Prospecting Letters

Prospecting letters – These letters are effective in starting a 529 conversation with clients or prospects.

Build Custom Reports

The College Funding Planner – This self-contained prospecting tool personalizes a savings plan based on specific colleges and other factors, and customizes the report and application with your name and logo.

Set an Automatic Investment

Tomorrow’s Scholar Account Maintenance Form –Use this form to set up (or increase) automatic investments. The 5-Cap Rating assigns an overall rating to each 529 program, ranging from 1 cap (least attractive) to 5 caps (most attractive). The 5-Cap Rating represents an assessment of the overall usefulness of a state's 529 plan based on many considerations, such as flexibility, liquidity, availability, ownership rights, state benefits, investment approach, safety, program resources, and financial aid impact. It is not strictly a measure of historical returns, and it is not a predictor of future investment performance, level of investment risk, or financial solvency of the program funds. These ratings are not the result of a fixed formula. Before establishing a 529 account and making contributions, it is imperative that investors read and understand all enrollment materials and disclosures from the programs.

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