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Plan Benefits

Saving for college doesn’t have to be an impossible test. Tomorrow’s Scholar 529 Plan was designed to provide a means for families and friends to save for a child’s college education while taking full advantage of tax and estate benefits offered to participants in Section 529 Qualified Tuition Plans.

A Flexible Way to Invest for College
Tomorrow’s Scholar allows contributions up to $440,300 per beneficiary, from anyone, to cover a wide range of educational expenses.

Significant Tax Advantages
Earnings and withdrawals are free from federal (and possibly state) tax if used for qualified educational expenses, while contributions may be removed from one’s taxable estate.

A Convenient Way to Invest
Three ways to invest: by age, risk or a choice of options from leading asset managers, with transfers available from other plans and automatic investing for as little as $25 a month.

Comprehensive Benefits Over Other College Savings Programs
Evaluate the Tomorrow’s Scholar 529 plan vs. other college savings programs.

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