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The Tomorrow’s Scholar 529 Plan is a customizable, multi-manager plan with flexible pricing that can help you grow your business in a growing segment of the market.

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A Growth Opportunity

  • Assets in 529 plans grew to $258.2 billion in June 2015, which represented a 5.6 percent year-over-year increase*
  • 529 plans sold by advisors accounted for the majority of sales, with average new account balances growing*

A Variety of Prospecting Possibilities

  • Parents of young children
  • Grandparents, family and friends
  • As an estate planning tool for affluent families
  • Capture existing 529 plan rollovers
  • 529 and college savings planning in general can help strengthen and expand existing business

Business-Building Tools

  • College Funding Planner—Translate clients' college savings needs into a manageable number using a database of over 3,500 colleges that takes into account financial aid/loans, multiple children and customizable “what if” scenarios
  • Gift Cards—Pass out to clients to use for birthdays, holidays, graduation gifts or as part of year-end tax planning
  • Literature—Use our materials to explain the value of 529s and make it easy for clients to invest

Plan Flexibility

  • Minimums as low as $25 a month through automatic investing
  • Maximums as high as $440,300 per beneficiary
  • Unique estate planning features can remove up to $130,000 from a taxable estate per beneficiary
  • Option to change beneficiary to another eligible family member
  • Parents can control assets
  • Joint account ownership permitted

Investment Flexibility

  • Nine age-based options that automatically reallocate as child approaches college age
  • Five static risk-based options
  • Create your own portfolios from 23 single fund options from leading asset managers, including real estate and alternatives

Unique Rollover Share Class (AR)

  • Investors can roll over from another 529 plan without paying A share sales charge
  • Up-front 1% advisor reallowance (subject to firm rules)
  • Outgoing rollover fee reimbursed into clients account for amounts >$25,000 (up to $75 per rollover)
  • Automatic conversion to Class A shares in the second year of ownership

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*Source: 529 plans grow, but many still don't know about them, CNBC, September 2015

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