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My Client's Accounts (AdvisorCentral)

AdvisorCentral provides access to client accounts for multiple Fund Families on one web site. You can view client portfolios, see your book of business, create key account watch lists, and much more.

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Contact Information

  • Investor Services

    Customer Service Toll Free (800) 774-5127

    Fax (508) 599-4131

    Hours: 7 AM - 5 PM Central

  • Sales Desk

    (800) 334-3444


    B/D Back Office Support

    (877) 332-2371

  • Mail contributions or plan forms to:

    Iowa Advisor 529 Plan

    C/O Voya Investment Management

    PO Box 9659

    Providence, RI 02940-9659

  • Overnight/Street mail:

    Iowa Advisor 529 Plan

    C/O Voya Investment Management

    4400 Computer Drive

    Westborough, MA 01581-1722

  • To Purchase by wire or ACH:

    BNY Mellon Bank

    ABA: 011001234

    FFC: Investor Fund and Account Number